United States Senator Amy Klobuchar Visits Chandler-Montevideo

Senator Klobuchar visited Chandler-Montevideo on August 19th, 2015 with the purpose of understanding more about our business and needs related to workforce, training and infrastructure. Jacque Peters, Slade Penke, Denise Bangsund, Chad Cloutier and other members of the Montevideo team hosted the visit with the Senator. Representatives from the City of Montevideo were also present for the meeting and spoke briefly with the Senator regarding local government activities.

Eric Harker spent a few minutes with the Senator showing her some finished part samples and explaining the process used to make parts in the Cell Cup work center.

Slade Penke led Senator Klobuchar on the facility tour and explained Chandler's use of robotic automation and cellular manufacturing to maintain our competitiveness within the markets we serve.

Senator Klobuchar broke away from the tour for a few minutes to speak with Billy Eggers about his job at Chandler-Montevideo and tenure with the company.

It was an exciting day and the Montevideo team did an excellent job showcasing the company and our capability for the Senator and local officials. Well done!

Read more about the visit here

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