Precision Machining: Optimizing Our Manufacturing Process

One of Chandler Industries main capabilities is precision machining. In order to best serve the needs of our customers in diverse markets and industries it is important that we have a large and diverse arsenal of machining centers to accomplish the specific needs for every job. With over 225 machining centers, with a variety of configurations, we are able to meet and exceed our customer's demanding specifications with high quality and reliability. This month we are excited to focus on one of our machining capabilities and the capabilities of our integrated mill/turn machines.
Similar to a Swiss machine, the integrated mill/turn machine has the capability to perform both milling and turning in a fast, efficient, and high quality method.
Its specialty is machining small, complex parts through the use of its 5-axis capabilities while performing turning operations in one continuous machine cycle. It utilizes a programmable pneumatic vice to grip parts during the machining process, and transfers finished products to the eject tube to allow for continuous production.
The benefit to this machine is making a part complete in one operation removing human errors while ensuring value and quality.  
Please enjoy the video above to watch it in action!

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