An Exciting Year Ahead!

We are very excited to announce our plans to consolidate our Bethel, MN, and Minneapolis, MN divisions into a newly constructed 100,000 ft2 building located in Blaine, MN.

The consolidation of the Minneapolis and Bethel divisions will operate as Chandler’s Blaine Division. The new site will be located at 8650 West 35W Service Drive, Blaine, MN  55449 and is scheduled to be completed in December of 2022.

Map of new Blaine Division

The new Blaine Division is expected to employ approximately 140 full-time employees and will serve as the company’s headquarters.

This new facility presents an exciting opportunity to combine the best of our manufacturing technology, technical staff, and operational teams into a single state-of-the-art facility.

5th Axis Machining Center Award

The Blaine Division will offer our customers exceptional manufacturing capabilities including…

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • 5-Axis Machining
  • Turning
  • EDM
  • Swiss Turning
  • Nadcap Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Part Marking
  • Citric Passivation
  • Finishing
  • Assembly and more

ISO 9001:2015

AS9100:2016 Rev D

ISO 13485:2016

ITAR Registered